Installation tools for industrial sectional doors



Installation tools for
industrial sectional doors

Authentic and Original OK-WINDER® Products made in Finland, CE Marked, for industrial sectional door installation and maintenance.


Safe and efficient OK-WINDER® tools

OK-WINDER® products are designed with over 25 years of installation experience, by professionals for professionals. OK-WINDER® equipment enhances the safety and efficiency of installation work.


The OK-WINDER® 500 is a spring tensioning tool that operates with a cordless drill. A safe and efficient tool for the installation of industrial sectional doors.


The OK-WINDER®-adapter is an accessory used with the OK-WINDER® 500 spring tensioner for tightening Crawford® springs.


The OK-LIFTER® is a cordless drill-operated tool designed for lifting lamellas. This device enhances ergonomics and job safety during the installation of garage doors.

About us

With over 25 years of experience

We are a Finnish family-owned business operating in Eastern Finland. We manufacture and sell high-quality and durable equipment under the brand OK-WINDER® for the installation and maintenance of industrial sectional doors. The primary goal of our products is to promote job safety and prevent workplace accidents.

With over 25 years of experience in door installation, our company has been guided by expertise in developing products that meet the needs of professionals worldwide.

Finnish innovation

We have the OK-WINDER® 500 spring tensioning tool and the OK-LIFTER® lamella lifter in our product range. Made in Finland, these innovative tools make installation and maintenance work easier and safer, helping professionals do their job more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our company is committed to continuous product development, and supporting our customers in demanding and heavy-duty door installation work!

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Safe, efficient and user-friendly

OK-WINDER® products for safe and effortless lamella overhead door installation.


OK-WINDER® products are user-friendly, easily portable, and suitable for various models of industrial sectional doors.


OK-WINDER® products save installation time and effort, resulting in cost savings and improved work efficiency.

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OK-WINDER® products prevent workplace accidents and reduce physical strain during the installation of industrial sectional doors.


According to experts who have used the device, OK-WINDER® products are the top choice for the installing of industrial sectional doors.

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