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The OK-WINDER® 500 is a spring tensioning tool that operates with a cordless drill. A safe and efficient tool for the installation of industrial sectional doors.

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Product description


OK-WINDER® 500 is a torsion spring tensioning tool designed for use with a cordless drill (Note: Non-impact), developed by professionals for professionals in the installation and maintenance of industrial sectional doors. The device prevents work-related accidents and significantly reducing physical strain during the installation of industrial sectional doors. The development of OK-WINDER® 500 is based on more than 25 years of experience in the installation of industrial sectional doors.

– The OK-WINDER® 500 is suitable for all industrial sectional door springs, ranging from 95 to 152 mm (182 mm for Hörmann®).
– The device has a maximum torque of 500 Nm, and the cordless drill operates with RPM of 500-2000.

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Technical Specifications:
Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic
Length: 77.2 cm / 30.39 inches
Weight: 8.6 kg / 18.9 lbs
Max. Torque: 500 Nm
RPM: 500-2000
Operating Temperature: +30 to -20 °C / +86° F to -4° F

Safety Compliance:
Safety of machinery: EN ISO 12100:2010

– No more torsion bars!
– Increases the safety of installation work
– Reduces physical workload
– Brings cost savings
– User-friendly

Refer to the detailed user manual for specific usage instructions and dimensions.